Ware Housings

GIL offers precise storage and Handling solutions that will compel value for your business.
GIL is established enough and knowledgeable to be a one-stop-service centre in your supply chain management. We draw on our extensive local knowledge with global experience to provide flexible, innovative warehousing solutions tailor-made to customer’s specifice business model, weather general cargo, perishables, food stuff etc.

Stripping / Stuffing Containers , Blocking / Bracing Containers, Heat Shrinking, Storage of Goods ( Inside & Outside ) Handling of Imports / Exports, Handling Domestic Freight, Handling Out-of-Gauge & Over-weight Cargo & Local Drays,We provide reliable ‘all in one’, from origin services, warehousing, freight forwarding, custom clearance, to local transportation and distribution to the ultimate consignee . GIL provides devoted and shared warehousing and distribution operations to make you certain that you can carry your vending promise to your partners all over the world. Our warehousing services enable our clients to reduce the shipping costs. Our highly skilled staff keeps a check on what inventory is needed where and at what time. GIL believes in providing excellent services to its clients as it is very important to have good supply chain management in terms of warehousing etc, to carry out any business in the most effective way.